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Doctor Chien-Li Chen

Profession Ear-Nose-Throat Clinic
Subject All You Need Is a Key to Activate


If my encounter with Enrac Medicine two years ago can be compared to the start of a treasure hunt, then two years later the Advanced Course in Enrac Medicine is the moment when I finally found that treasure.When I attended the Basic Course two years ago I had this persistent doubt in my mind, “How can pain be relieved so easily?”  Mastering the techniques was no easy task at first, especially the precise location of the acupoints which presented a problem.  In order to properly learn the maneuvers it is imperative that we attend the clinical practice sessions.  A necessary criteria for Enrac Medicine to be effective is frequent application on patients.  In other words, I was confronted with numerous seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Besides paying close attention in class, the clinical practice sessions are essential, as well as beneficial, to the learning of Enrac Medicine.  The Intermediate Course in Enrac Medicine gave me a more thorough understanding of the practical aspects of this medical therapy, but it could not satiate my appetite for more knowledge.  Although upon completion of the Intermediate Course I was able to treat most of my patients, I still felt powerless when confronted with patients complaining of more complex pain syndromes.  The reason is that I still lacked knowledge of the most fundamental principles of Enrac Medicine.  Therefore, it is imperative that we attend the Advanced Course in Enrac Medicine, and it would be foolish to miss such an opportunity.

After completion of the Advanced Course, I have just one thing to say, “It was definitely worth the effort!”  For those who have finished the Basic and Intermediate Courses, I want to cry out, “You definitely need to take the Advanced Course, because such profound medical knowledge will surely cause a commotion in the medical world in the not so distant future.  Not learning Enrac Medicine in its entirety will only bring you lifelong regret as doctors!”  So what are the benefits of completing the Advanced Course?

  1. It will elevate your self-confidence as physicians.
  2. It will broaden your perspective on pain management, giving you a more holistic view.
  3. It will dramatically increase its therapeutic efficacy when providing Enrac treatment to patients.

As these genuine words emanate from my mind, my heart is filled with the utmost excitement.  I am dying to tell the whole world about the miracle of Enrac Medicine, and that I possess such a precious gift.  What is the true reason behind my exhilaration?  After completing the Advanced Course, I am amazed at the complete effectiveness when treating patients who suffer from pain, a radical departure from merely completing the Intermediate Course.

Before learning Enrac Medicine, when confronted with conditions caused by autonomic dysfunction such as insomnia, heart palpitation, anxiety, and neck and shoulder pain, all I could do is to prescribe some sedative drugs.  What truly astonishes me is that after applying Enrac Medicine to my patients, they all experienced better sleep and complete elimination of their pain without any medication use.  One of my patients even made what in his mind was an embarrassing request, “Can Enrac Medicine help me with my male impotence? I have had this problem for 16 years, gone to numerous physicians and doctors of Chinese medicine, and spent so much money without any results!”  I told him that frankly I possess no prior experience in dealing with this sort of symptom, but my patient was still very willing to give it a try.  After only one treatment session, the patient returned to my clinic and said, “I think the results are great!”  The greatest improvement was that he no longer urinated on his pants and feet, and his sexual performance experienced a twenty percent improvement.  For a person who has seen so many doctors and spent so much money on medical visits without results, the progress is definitely astounding.  Even the intermittent dizziness that the patient experienced while driving has completely gone away.  I have come to realize that the human body has an inherent power to heal itself, and all you need is a key to activate it.  This key is the miracle of Enrac Medicine. 

Buddha once said “Life is precious but it has been granted.  Truth is hard to seek but it has been sought.  A great teacher is hard to find but it has been found.”  If I want to become a doctor, I want to be the best doctor I can be.  In order to become the best doctor I can be, I need to learn the best medical skill.  And to learn the best medical skill, I need to find the best teacher I can find.  Today I firmly believe that I have found the most outstanding medical skill and teacher I can find, and I hereby pledge to devote my life to use Enrac Medicine to relieve pain and suffering for all of mankind.  Such an ideal is undoubtedly the true essence of Enrac Medicine!


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