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Doctor Chun-Zhang Hu

Profession TCM Clinic
Subject The “Blue Ocean Strategy” in Medical Science


As a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, my major is internal medicine. Base on my experience, there are many patients with pain to go to clinic and it is not seldom to see the patients with complex pain disorders. Although some of cases could be alleviated by internal medicine as Chinese herbal slices, it can not be took until decoction. Even concentrated herbal extract still generates its curative effect though pharmaceutical absorption, therefore it is unable to get instant results. Nevertheless, acupuncture and moxibustion is totally on the contrary. Due to its fast curative effect and short treatment duration, hence there is a common consensus in traditional Chinese medicine that “first, acupuncture; second, moxibustion; and third, medicine.” Theoretically, acupuncture and moxibustion as well as medicine are unquestionably complementary therapies, however, some “difficult various illnesses” always make doctors feel quite helpless, including a junior doctor of traditional Chinese medicine like me naturally.Taking a female patient’s frozen shoulder case for example.At first, I decided to take acupuncture and massage to improve her condition, but I found her unmentionable medical history – “vaginal ache”, a sequela resulted from an incontinence operation to elevate urinary bladder. This pathology has a great effect upon this patient’s daily life, especially her action and sleep. Once she moves, her pain extend to thighs, following ardor (or sometimes cold) between her low abdominal and legs. Moreover, she must draw the corner of clothes to help turn her body over while sleep. The above-mentioned conditions form a negative chain reaction. Frequent insomnia reverses her biological clock, which is related to irregular diet. She only has one meal a day due to loss of appetite, but is still overweight. After seeing a doctor of every hospital and clinic as well as taking rehabilitation therapy, her pain is as the same as before. In the event of taking lenitive, it will only discomfort stomach without any improvements. Consequently, she gave up herself long time ago. As usual, I first differentiate syndromes for causes and treatment according to etiological factors, then prescribe with dredging meridians, invigorating the collaterals and pain alleviating function, following some adjuvant with Chinese herbal medicines which can not only tranquilize mind, but also strengthen the spleen and invigorate Qi.In addition, I further select acupoints along meridians, acupuncturing Channel Zushaoyin, Zutaiyin and so forth. Even though, I still suspect that “How helpful is this prescription to her?” Thus, my doubt motivates me to cure her via Enrac Therapy. I rapidly map out the prescription of point-pressing therapy, that is to say, Du Meridian chaining, zangfu-organs treatment and draining by traction. After these therapies, she didn’t become aware of any immediate improvements in the beginning, but she affirmatively told me during the second OPD: “It is in effect! I feel less pain than before” which increases my confidence greatly. Later, Dr. Ko’s personal guidance, point-pressing corrections and consecutive 23 times therapies make a remarkable improvement in patient’s healthy: for instance, her pain relieves more than seventy percent, peaceful sleep last five hours, three meals and exercise become normalization. Thanks to Dr. Ko’s help, what a spectacular change!

Before I learn Enrac Medicine, I think it is merely an acupoint pressing for remedying sore waist, aching back, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. Unexpectedly, it also cures CRPS, PHN, Trigeminal neuralgia, autonomic instability, asthma and even pain release of tumor and cancer. In brief, Enrac Medicine originated from the solution of difficult various illnesses! So far, I get two responses of patients repeatedly: “Well! It does ease my pain! Unbelievable!” and “I never saw a treatment like yours after seeing so many doctors. It’s amazing!” More importantly, I think Enrac Medicine not only has no healthy minacity, but also provide doctors with four advantages which are “No contact affected parts, no injection, no oral medicine and no acupuncture” and even noninvasive, namely doctors’ hand and brain are efficient instruments. In common with what Doctor Liu Jun-Yi who often joins overseas volunteer clinic said “Without injection and medicine, Enrac Medicine is particularly convenient in volunteer clinic.”Nowadays, national health insurance’s equal-opportunity payment, many irrational “Game rule” and increasingly tense doctor-patient relation unlikely keep most doctors’ medical skills improving. Since the equal fee schedule, of course, most doctors are willing to treat ailments and then take conservative treatment on serious illnesses or refer them to big hospitals. I always wonder that “In case of my privately outpatient services or without national health insurance, how many patients will see a doctor at their own expenses, in stead of disusing nearly free health insurance” and “What kind of capabilities and medical skills could I treat these patients? Will they come to my clinic if my skills are still at a standstill under national health insurance system?” I think definitely not!

A few days ago, a bestseller “Blue Ocean Strategy” promoted a new concept. “Blue oceans” are untapped and uncontested markets, which provide little or no competition for anyone who would dive in, since the markets are not crowded. A “Red ocean”, on the other hand, refers to a saturated market where there is fierce competition, already crowded with people (companies) providing the same type of services or goods. An essential concept is that the innovation (in product, service, or delivery) must raise and create value for the market, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating features or services that are less valued by the current or future market. This theory can be also applied in medical science. Within the small market and highly similar therapy now, each clinic seems make no difference to patients. As clinic proprietors can only improve their service quality, interior decoration and doctors’ diagnoses and treatment speed to get a slight profit from fixed insurance policy, how toilsome and sad they are! However, “No contact affected parts, no injection, no oral medicine and no acupuncture” these four advantages of Enrac Medicine create a “Blue sea” in medical market for doctors. Besides, patients more easily accept this point-pressing therapy in comparison with frequently having operation and taking lots of medicine. This security of career environment will safeguard doctors from medical malpractice disputes, but focus on improving medical profession and ethics instead which benefits patients finally. Moreover, with the evolution of the Enrac Medicine, more and more illnesses like neurology, pathology and therapy may constantly be cured through it. Consequently, I think Enrac Medicine is more than “innovation in pain relief”, but a “Great in medicine innovation” !

I do believe a doctor’s achievement entirely comes from patients’ smile. When a patient heartily conveys thanks, I not only find self-fulfillment, but also feel touched! Sincerely wish all doctors in the world are familiar and further study Enrac Medicine to benefit more patients one day!


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