Sentiment Dr. Lan


Doctor Rui-An Lan

Profession Tri-Service General Hospital, Anesthesiology
Subject The Shock Of A Headache Case Example


Amongst difficult to cure pains, there are many types of disease like postherrpetic nergalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, cancer pain and habitual headache etc. For these diseases, after diagnosis by western doctors, they can only conduct simple pain killing but they cannot apply suitable medicine on the case. However, ENRAC therapy provides another substitute treatment and even it is an opportunity to cure. In here I want to provide a successful experience of curing headache after injury and it is because of this case example, I have completely changed my view on ENRAC even as a beginner.The patient is a forty four years old patient but she has been suffering from serious headache for more than ten years. The patients told me that she was hit by discus on the head when she was in primary school. Her brain was injured and she was in coma for ten days long. After she regained her consciousness she started to have slight headache. The image scanning examination showed that there was no obvious cerebral hemorrhage. When she was twenty plus years old, she participated in the group outdoor scene video taping of the company and she fell from high place due to her carelessness and injured her brain.After she was in coma for one day, she started to have serious headache. As the family of the patient ran a drug store and her husband was a practicing Chinese doctor, therefore she attempted to use various kinds of medicine and Chinese medicine in treatment but the result was not good. Acupuncture and moxibustion was just temporary mitigation on her headache e and once the needle left the skin, the effect of pain killing would disappear. The counseling and treatment by internal and external nerve departments of various large hospitals could not moderate her syndrome. The use of morphine that was additive medicine could not moderate for about half a day but she abandoned its use due to unbearable side effect (sick, vomit). Starting half a year ago, the patient gave up the medical treatment and everyday she must be injected with Nefopam Hydrochloride in order to achieve the purpose of fighting this head ache evil for a short while. Finally nobody could find blood vessel to inject the medicine and artificial blood vessel surgery had to be conducted in order to inject the pain killing medicine. Of course up to this stage, relevant sleep handicap and melancholia came along and the patient committed suicide many times (taking sleeping pills, mouse poison, cockroach poison and wrist cutting etc.).The Chinese medicine clinic of her husband had to be suspended due to her condition. The scope of effect was not just the patient herself and this also embroiled her family members. As injection of pain killing medicine on this patient was too frequent and the embedded artificial blood vessel became the breeding ground of bacteria, finally she had septicemia and was sent to the Infection Department of our hospital for treatment. When the infection could be controlled fortunately, the problem of headache still could not be solved. The Infection Department joined the head of Pain Department Wang Chi-Hsiung in the diagnosis. When I accompanied head Wang to join in the diagnosis of this patient what I only saw was a helpless female with so much pain that she could not speak and it seemed that she only sought for freeing herself. I didn’t know how many headache patients were like her that to them death was better than alive. After brain scan, it was confirmed that was no substantial pathological change in the brain, I started to treat the patient based on the treatment standard of Dr. Ko. In the beginning there was only slight improvement but after four consecutive treatments, the headache was gone and what was left was just a heavy feeling. This was a comfortable feeling that the patient could not have for ten plus years. After the treatment, the patient left the hospital satisfactorily and there was no need for medicine. Therefore I followed up for three months with Tel and there was no relapse and could be deemed as cured. During my follow up, I heard about the good news that her husband was going to restore his Chinese medicine clinic meaning that as the habitual headache had been cured, the entire family felt as if relieved of a heavy load.The biggest shock brought to me by the case example is: 「in modern medical science, disease of difficult cure pain can be cured by using partial and simple treatment method in ENRAC.」 In fact, I feel that the reason why doctors feel quite helpless on certain disease is because the present medical science has its localization and there is still very large development space. Therefore doctors should have a modest heart to accept various kinds of different views and reset their state of mind to zero at any time. After all, the work of doctor is to solve the pain of patient and shall not deviate from this track at any time.

ENRAC can just make up for the inadequacy of Chinese and western medicine and even this can he the main stream of natural therapy in the future. At present, the curative effect of ENRAC at present is without doubt upon clinical verification in various large medical centers and there is the trend of more and more participation by doctors. I often think that if ENRAC can obtain the recognition from western world as early as possible and can become an orthodox treatment, it can help more doctors to handle difficult problems they are facing now and they can reduce pain of patients as well as reducing consumed social cost. Therefore, being a member of the ENRAC doctor team, I shall bear the responsibility to publicize ENRAC therapy and to 「annul the pain of patient」, this has become the ambitious career of my life.

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