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Doctor Shi-Hui Lee

Profession Veteran General Hospital, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Subject Talking About Enrac Medicine


My unintentional encounter with Enrac Medicine occurred more than a year ago.  I remember back then Dr. Ko had just returned from Japan to give a series of lectures throughout Taiwan.  Before I stepped inside the lecture hall, I thought to myself, “Why would anyone spend money to attend this kind of mysterious lecture? Don’t I have better ways to spend my money? Can pain really be eliminated by just pressing on a few points? Is it just senseless exaggeration? As I entered the lecture hall, I was amazed by the over a hundred doctors that were present, many of them past mentors and old acquaintances!During my medical training years, I have always had a strong interest in acupuncture, having completed graduate studies in traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing.  After more than ten years of logical and scientific reasoning under the realm of western medicine, I clearly understand that the seamless integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine is a difficult task.  Important strides have been made, but progress is still limited at best.  Now we see the emergence of Enrac Medicine in Taiwan, a strong contender as an alternative to traditional therapies for pain.  What is the true basis behind this obscure medical discipline? It is with this ambivalent attitude, a mixture of curiosity, doubt, and excitement, that I embark on this predestined journey with Enrac Medicine.In the past year I have seen countless clinical examples of the effectiveness of Enrac Medicine.  From common ailments such as sprains and herniated discs, to lesser seen conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome and post-herpetic neuralgia, Enrac Medicine has gradually removed all traces of doubt in my mind and replaced them with a relentless determination to learn.  The statement “to see is to believe” truly has its validity.Many of my colleagues often pose this question, “Should I learn Enrac Medicine? Does it really work? Is it worth the time and money?”  After completing the Basic Course I would say, “I am not quite sure yet, still looking into it.”  After completing the Intermediate Course I would answer, “There is definitely something going on here, but stay close to Dr. Ko, because there are some patients that only Dr. Ko can cure.”  After completing the Advanced Course my answer would be, “Hurry up and go learn!”  It is in the midst of the Advanced Course that I found the essence of a principle present in traditional Chinese medicine, “Superior doctors treat illnesses before they occur.”  Enrac Medicine can also be incorporated into a regimen of preventive care, to properly maintain an individual’s health and prevent diseases from developing. Ten years ago my grandfather suffered from the agonizing pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia.  Surgical intervention to remove the pain-causing nerves proved to be a futile attempt.  In the end, he passed away with excruciating pain.  There was not much I could do for him at the time, but if I possessed the knowledge of Enrac Medicine earlier, perhaps I could have helped to lessen his suffering.  Therefore, whenever I practice Enrac Medicine now, I do so with a sense of gratitude towards Dr. Ko.  I want to thank him for sharing the wisdom that he has accumulated over the past twenty years.  As I pay tribute to him with this essay, I sincerely hope that I can be a contribution to the promotion of Enrac Medicine, as we all strive to relieve pain and suffering for all of mankind.

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