Sentiment Dr. Lin


Doctor Ching-Tao Lin

Profession TCM Clinic
Subject Learning Gains Report


Seeing that the prices of many medicines have to be adjusted as announced in newspaper, many hospitals are forced to cancel medical insurance medicine such as medicine for diabetes and hyperthyroidism and I cannot help myself to feel sorry for these patients. Knowing that 「ENRAC」can cure patients that medicine is being cancelled, there is a slight ray of hope in my mind that after I have learned ENRAC I can apply this in curing disease.Presently I am in the process of using ENRAC therapy to test treatment of diabetes. Originally I thought that after pressing the collateral meridian the diabetic patient could be cured completely. However, it was nothing like this and therefore I changed into another thought: if western doctors only know to ask a patient to take medicine all its life, why don’t I teach the patient to press the collateral meridian points that is effective for diabetics? They don’t need to know the principle, as long as they can do so accordingly then the effect like taking medicine can be brought into full play instead of taking real medicine. On one hand, this can save disbursement in medicine by the patient as well as the country, on the other hand, through long-term collateral meridian nursing, may be the function can be restored. Of course, the most important is that definitely medical fee can be greatly saved and the living quality can be greatly improved. I think this is the ultimate thought of Dr Ko? Therefore Doctor Ko all along emphasizes the philosophy of 「no medicine and no injection and 」and this can just conform to the present treatment environment.To learn ENRAC, one has to have a broad mind in order to accept this theory with modesty and open mind. May be one may encounter that it is not one hundred percentage effective during its application and there may be doubt on ENRAC in the mind. However, I did not generate this disbelieving feeling and conversely I feel that may be my skill is not good enough or the analysis on the pathology and morbidity is incorrect and I have to reexamine again or seek advice from my senior so that when I encounter similar case next time, I can have more confidence to cure this disease with ENRAC therapy. When I first heard about ENRAC, I feel that if any disease can be cured by just pressing two points, this is a really simple medical science. However, after in-depth learning and application, I discover that Doctor Ko who invented this disease curing omnipotent lock is really not simple. In addition, the power of ENRAC can become broader and limitless following the agile utilization of this formula and may be even Doctor Ko did not expect this!Of course to accept a new medical science by everybody may take some time. However the most important is 「no medicine no injection」may encounter problem of blocking the profit of other people and this will impose hindrance on the popularization of ENRAC. However, patient is clever and if the treatment method can help the disease and is not invasive, this will definitely be accepted by patient. In regard to the learning of ENRAC, besides understanding and be familiar with the content, one has to blend into the regular treatment method and the best is to substitute taking of medicine. For example, I always request diabetic patient not to take medicine to reduce blood sugar on the day of pressing and the effect can be much better.

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