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Doctor Chun-I Liu

Profession TCM Clinic
Subject The Dream Of My Life Can Be Realized


During my high school age that means at the time of understanding on the meaning of life, at that moment I hoped that I had to change my life and I no longer wanted to pass the life of playing! I wanted to imitate our national father Sun Yat-Sen to possess a kind of aloof attitude on life and that was ──「View of Life Of Service」. Just like principal Cheng Wu-Chun said: the extreme of service is sacrifice and sacrifice is when even one’s life is not needed then it can be called as sacrifice. Therefore our national father is of the opinion that: 「My life is to serve everybody and death just means that the time of service is due and therefore I have to go」. Such a high state of mind that life and death are so light, to him between bitterness and joy, as long as there is joy then there would not be too much pain. This is why I wanted to select a happy and solid life. I thought to myself: 「I should learn the spirit of Bodhisattva who would come to save people from bitterness once she heard their call!」. Teacher who practiced Buddhism told me that sages and virtuous could pass a solid life before because they served people. Therefore I encouraged myself that I had to learn how to solve the pain of others first and it meant that I should not waste my time to come to his world. From then on I stepped on the road of learning medicine. Originally, to learn medicine is to help the world by helping people. I tell myself that not only I have to save the body of people, the root is to save the soul of people. Pain in the body can be solved by pressing points, however, a painful soul needs the strength of love to nourish it. For this ideal, I encourage myself that I have to be outstanding both in skill and virtue and I shall contribute to people who need help with what I learned and this is my personal dream. I will continue to advance towards this dream and will realize this step by step.During the spare time of examining patients, I often have this thought: 「is it that because nobody tells everybody how to enrich the quality of spiritual life, therefore now people has melancholia and mental organic functions disease and there are more and more people with mental illness? Is it because nobody tells everybody how to select healthy natural food and therefore more and more people have cancer, diabetic, hypertension and heart disease? 」 I have this thought: when nobody tells you what is the correct living method, you have to feel it yourself, discover it yourself and research it yourself, then──what should we feel? Should we feel that our life is happy? Should it be that the life at present is the life that we should have? What should we discover, should we discover that unknowingly we have become the slave of money, power and influence, fame and position and discover that whether oneself has become unbearably vulgar!──What should we research for? Should we research for how not to pass the life in vain and research on how to live happily and healthily! If I lost the direction of my life and continue to chase after everything outside and when I think about myself at night, I will quickly encourage myself: repent and be saved!  It is because if I do not turn back, may be my end is horrible, my life will become black and white, my family will become unfortunate. There is a very good couplet of Avalokiteshvara that I seen before: 「if one can turn its thought, why do one needs my infinite mercy and compassion; if one does not turn around, who is going to relieve the needy and the distressed for you」, is it reasonable?In one’s life, one will definitely meet some people who are passionate and righteous. Whenever they discover a truth or fact, they will definitely share their gains with you so that your life can be more meaningful. In my medical career I met many eminent people and their contribution without cause will touch you surprisingly whenever you wake up in the middle of the night. To contribute yourself to this kind of friends, you will feel that it is always worthwhile. In addition, these good friends who are passionate and righteous normally will not need you to return favor and really this will touch me. Therefore I tell myself that I also will be a person with passion and righteousness. When I discover the truth in life or in medicine, I definitely will share with others enthusiastically as I often will feel happy and free. If you can also have this thought, then I believe you must have a colorful and blissful life. Before when I was in middle and primary school, I only knew how to play and I didn’t know what was life! In my high school age that I was familiar with human affair and after I understood the truth of life, I decided to change myself and I pondered on one question: if I am stingy to contribute, I think in my next life Heaven will not give me so many and this is natural.No matter what people and no matter what kind of profession one is in, person who can see the true of life clearly is not too many. It is because not so many people can understand and there are so many problems in the society! It should be said that to understand oneself is not so difficult, but after such understanding, it is not easy to insist on the ideal. What is called: 「even four years old children know, eighty years old people cannot do it」. Knowing and doing cannot be combined into one, why? It is because to give up voluntarily by person with vested interest is not easy, Just like if you want me to close my clinic for eight to ten days and go overseas to provide free diagnosis, I will feel this is very pitiful in the beginning (because my income will be reduced a lot). However, after getting together with these patients, instead I feel happy and free and now I can feel that knowing how to give up tangible property and time appropriately, one can then experience what is the feeling of that kind of unlimited happiness and blissfulness in the soul! Imaging that it is not really so easy not to be tempted by power, money, fame and beauty in life. However, to follow the spirit of Buddha the greatest king of doctor is where my ideal is. Therefore I still will encourage myself to continue to learn and experience! Like some common words: 「Possession of medical skill does not mean possession of medical ethics and possession of medical ethics does not mean possession of medical skill. Good doctor should possess both medical ethics and medical skill」.

I expect myself to have medical ethics as well as medical skill that means having outstanding skill and ethics. Then one will deem patient as one’s own parents and will strive to cure and will continue to enrich oneself with correct medical science and correct place that is wrong. I also hope to encourage other doctors to strive together. However, to do this one cannot just rely on empty slogan and one has to do it really. To do this it is not to ask others to praise you on how great you are (people who understand cause and consequence will know that in fact it is not a bit great). It is because my internal medicine instructional teacher once said: 「patient」 and 「correct new medical knowledge」are the best teacher. Without interaction with patient or without participation in various seminars, I could never progress. Therefore what is really great is 「patient」and 「correct new medical knowledge」. In addition, speaking from the angle of learning Buddhism or practicing Buddhism, to require outstanding skill and ethics on oneself is just the understanding on the principle of the cycle of cause and consequence! This is because not one single doctor can guarantee that he will not mistreated patient or can guarantee that the treatment is correct. If one does not seek for progress and does not absorb good medical treatment method, then for the crime and mistake caused by mistreating patient, this will rely on good medical ethics or doing good deeds and accumulating virtues to make up for this!

Personally I very much like that I am able to learn ENRAC and I am honored to be one of the members of the Taiwan ENRAC team. I think that during the course of research by Doctor Ko, this must be very hard and by putting in most of his income in academic research and this is very touching. During chatting, after Doctor Ko heard that ENRAC Therapy could help the common people in the poor district of Cambodia, he was very happy. I can guess why Doctor Ko is happy? It is because at present his hard work in the research of ENRAC Therapy for several tens of years is spreading to many corners in the world and continues to help many people who need help and this is our common glory of the Taiwan ENRAC team and is also one of the directions that we should continuously strive for. I am grateful that the Taiwan ENRAC Therapy Team can make my dream of my life come true so that without the help of any medicine or implement, I can still realize my dream step by step and this is really a beautiful thing. Hope you can also realize your dream and bless you and best wishes to Taiwan Therapy Team that they can continue to grow and to become strong.

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