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Doctor Jung-Tai Tsai

Profession Internal Medicine Clinic
Subject I Am A Pain Elimination Expert – ENRAC THERAPY


A doctor specializing in treating immunity rheumatism for more than twenty years has to face numerous questions from many pain patients about pain everyday and finally they always ask: 「Doctor, when will my pain be cured?」. I clearly know that their pains cannot be cured but I cannot bear to explain it clearly and often I answer questions by lying to them with a kind intent and it is because I just want to give them some consolation. Originally the phrase of 「recalling the past with pains in the heart」 is used to ask people to make a self-examination after the incident. Being a pain curing doctor, I am helpless about 「pain」 even after deep thinking and this will only increase pain for both parties. Until the appearance of ENRAC, I no longer hesitate and feel distressed as it is an effective prescription in eliminating pain and also after learning on ENRAC I can take a big step in the pain treatment domain.1. Ascending to the hall and reach the inner room

My background is a western doctor and upon going through medical research training, I do not have likes and dislikes of Chinese medicine and I just feel they do not have objective data that can attract me. I am completely new to ENRAC. Although I wish to learn but when I see there are so many names of pressure points and I am also lack of the motive of learning, therefore for a few years there is only a flashing thought of trying to learn about ENRAC and I never step into this hall of refinement. When I started to come contact with it was because two years ago I learned Taichi Chikung and the teacher always mentioned about the names of the meridian points. In order to know what these was about I bought books to learn on my own. However, the biggest motive for me to learn was my friend who also learned the Taichi Chikung and his muscle joint pain was moderated due to the practice of Taichi Boxing and this had induced my curiosity in 「Chi」and 「Meridian」. At that time two western doctors taught the ENRAC Therapy and I had experienced the corresponding nerve meridian therapy and Dr. Ko’s ENRAC Therapy, therefore very soon I became familiar and I could compare these two kinds of therapy at the same time. ENRAC was really better than the other as the theory was rich and could overthrow the tradition but it did not violate the laws of nature. It integrates the Yin and Yang and the concept of five elements of Chinese doctor and the pathological diagnosis of western doctor and a new pulse diagnosis theory was brought in and was extended to a medical science relativity theory so that doctors could always have a good entry point to learn no matter their background was Chinese doctor or Western Doctor.

2. Studious and attentive

To stride into a new domain, one still has to require contribution no matter whether it is effort of mind or effort of labor. The state of mind has to be reset to zero and space has to be allocated in the cerebrum in order to absorb everything like sponge. The most important is to repeat practice until one is proficient. As I have the trouble of shoulder and neck pain due to long time of typing in computer due to essay writing, myself and my family members were the best targets of practice. Each time when I returned home after class I would immediately practice with my own pain and each time my pain would reduce. After sport injury on my child, I also treated him with ENRAC Therapy and he also felt its magic that there was 「no contact with the spot with pain, stimulated two points and eliminated pain immediately」. In so doing, the course content could be handled and used with skill within a short time. The employees of the clinic could also feel the magic curative effect of ENRAC therapy and they all said this was really mystical due to this!

3. The curve will say

Whether things of one’s own are good cannot base on one’s own praise and this should base on what can be seen. For marketing to the market, apart from introduction of the content, data presented appropriately is necessary. 「Overseas Chinese Doctor Ko From Japan」, 「Unique Therapy」, 「Specialized in curing difficult to cure pain, the curing rate is ninety percent」etc. can also be used to publicize ENRAC so as to attract patient to accept ENRAC therapy. I feel that by presenting the pain index curve diagram of successful cases in front of the eyes of patient is the best tool to win favor on ENRAC. After some patients have seen it they will even say that 「the effect is fast and good」. Chinese medicine is always denounced as its theory is not a science. ENRAC is completely new from the traditional meridian science. I hope in the meridian science one can see more scientific actual proof evidence. For example, detection with scientific instrument on the change of the corresponding points of the pain body flow line after connecting the body flow line (such as Laser Doppler or other more precise and accurate instrument), comparison of limb function before and after the treatment of various kinds of disease, blood or image and even comparison on the curative effect of various therapy based on double-blind study.

4. Sharing of joy

To eliminate pain is the mission of ENRAC members. Before learning ENRAC, one will definitely think that the words of 「all kinds of pain can be cured」is too exaggerated. However, after learning it is natural to have this kind of thought and attitude and it is absolutely not an ideal that is far and cannot be reached. Whenever I use ENRAC to take out the pain that is with patient for years and when the doctor sees the joyful expression of the patient, such doctor will definitely feel that his medical skill is enhanced. When there is more affirmation and admiration, you will tolerate your own fatigue and the pain on the fingers (due to the result of holding the massage stick tightly) and you will insist on doing it without abandonment as you know that ENRAC has allowed you to breakthrough the bottleneck of pain and ENRAC will allow you to sail your career to one side that is full of shiny splendor.

Taking this opportunity I want to thank Doctor Ko for his guidance from the bottom of my heart and I really admire his research spirit and his kind heart. At the same time I also want to thank all colleagues in the ENRAC office especially to head Fan who strives in popularizing ENRAC. With the hard effort of everybody, patients all over Taiwan who suffer pain will be able to depart from the abyss of misery.


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