The ENRAC CMT eSystem is a sophisticated Multi-Function Electrotherapy Stimulator. The ENRAC CMT therapy can be applied

·  manually through a pair of acupoint sticks, or
·  semi-automated through the ENRAC CMT eSystem


Figure: Multi-Function Electrotherapy Stimulator (EPC-KO7)

The treatment through the eSystem provides many benefits:


·  Specially designed for Enrac CMT methodology
·  Supports treatment with 4 acupoints simultaneously
·  Provides 4 preset modes for auto-adjusted signaling
·  Employs an user-friendly scientific notation meter
·  Initiates sensations of numbness, soreness, oscillation


·  No physical pressure involved as with hand pressure
·  Doctor concentrates primarily on correct acupoints
·  Adjust enhancement and reduction with precision
·  Indicates depth and intensity of acupoint pressure
·  Patient gets insight by seeing useful reference data

Success Indicator

·  Doctor and patient are in a permanent dialogue
·  Patient should feel a penetrating, incisive sensation
·  Doctor utilizes therapy efficiency during treatment
·  Reduces sensations of pain dramatically
·  Prevents pressure points on skin sensitive patients


·  Reduces training time: two day practice conference
·  Provides clinical statistics for large scope research

Quality Management

·  Certificate ISO 13485 for medical devices
·  Certificate FDA 510 k Federal Drug Administration USA
·  Embedded into CMT therapy compliant ISO 9001: 2000


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