There Is No Pain That Cannot Be Cured


2010.02  ENRAC® CMT exhibits at Paracelsus Messe in Wiesbaden
2009.10  ENRAC® CMT conducts Therapie Workshop in D
2009.09  ENRAC® CMT sells Selbststudium Box Deutsch/English in Europe
2009.05  ENRAC® CMT establishes ENRAC Medical Society Europe
2009.01  ENRAC® CMT Taiwan conducts therapy workshops for nurses
2008.12  ENRAC® CMT sells selfstudy DVD with handbook for 21 regional pains
2008.09  ENRAC® CMT trained over 3.500 physicians
2008.06  ENRAC® CMT publishes German pain glossary with 250 pages
2008.05  ENRAC® CMT conducts seminar in Europe
2007.12  ENRAC® CMT accomplished 20.000 clinical case studies
2007.11  ENRAC® CMT sells Educational DVD in English for physicians
2007.09  ENRAC® CMT innovates Multifunction Electrotherapy eSystem
2007.04  ENRAC® LLC Medical Society of USA provides seminars
2007.01  Dr. Ko presents at World Congress on Sports Injury WFATT
2006.11  ENRAC® seminar at Duke University Medical Center, USA
2006.09  Dr. Ko publishes There Is No Pain that Cannot Be Cured
2006.07  ENRAC® CMT Taiwan provides seminars
2006.05  ENRAC® Medical Society of Taiwan
2003.12  ENRAC® Medical Society of Japan
2002.10  ENRAC® CMT Japan provides seminars
2002.06  Painless Ginza Clinic Tokyo treats intractable pain
2002.02  Dr. Ko publishes Theory of Collateral Meridian Therapy CMT
1995.01  Dr. Ko starts clinical case studies applying his methodology

Update: 31 Jul. 2009


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