ENRAC® CMT Symposium München: Programm

Conference Objectives

·     Theory
       Explain the basic terminology and principles of CMT
       Give a broad understanding of what Enrac®CMT is
       Give a broad understanding of its unique benefits

·     Practice
       Treat localized symptoms with Enrac®CMT
       Identify the 108 Enrac®CMT acupoints
Experience demonstrations on participants
       Perform hands-on practice in a group of 5-7 participants
       Take-home outpatient case studies for treating own patients

Conference Program

·     Presentations
       What CMT is
       The theory of pain and Enrac®CMT
       Principle of linkage for sharp pain
       Principle of linkage for dull pain
       Principle of enhancement of conflicting meridian for dull pain
       Treating Local Symptoms with Enrac®CMT
       Treating CNS-Related Symptoms with Enrac®CMT
       Conducting Diagnosis with Enrac®CMT

·     Workshops
       Selection of meridian
       Selection of L/R and A/T
       Identifying 108 Enrac®CMT acupoints
       Hands-on practice by using a pair of acupressure sticks
       Hands-on practice by using the eSystem

·     Participant’s Case Studies
       Treating participants live who provided a pain questionnaire upfront.
       The objective is to treat chronical pains typical for Germans.

·     Take-Home Case Studies
       Take-home case study for own outpatients
       Make use of free 10 weeks mentor evaluations and advises

Conference Methodology

·     Presentations
       Powerpoint slides, conference hand-out, questions & answers
       Demonstrations on participant’s pain cases, discussions

·     Workshops
       Powerpoint slides, workshop hand-out, 108 Acupoint pocket card
       Hands-On: Pressure Sticks, Multifunction Electrotherapy eSystem
       Demonstrations on participant’s pain cases, discussions
       Evaluations of patient’s pain cases, Take-home case studies

Conference Requisite

·     Licensed doctor or physician
       including dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists
·     No knowledge in pain therapy or acupressure required

Conference Fee

·     The fee covers: Travel Costs of Lecturer Team, Reference Books, 
       Conference Room, Workshop Area, Ha
nd-out Presentations,
       Set of Acupoint Sticks, Catering, Candle-Light Dinner

Conference Preparation

·     Special offer only subject to an early-bird registration:
 Want to be live pain case? Please request „Pain Questionnaire“
·     Want to study in advance? Please request „Selfstudyl CD“
       For learning the acupoints: Please request „108 Acupoint Card“


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