Evidence-Normalized Pain Relief: Selfstudy

Taipei, Dec. 2008 — ENRAC® CMT releases the Selfstudy for its nature compliant pain relief in English/Chinese. The handbook guides everybody through the treatment. The selfstudy box aims to spread the knowledge about its unique benefits among physicians, therapists, healers, coaches, clinic staff, care staff, and families with longterm pain patients.

Selfstudy CD-Box

 Figure: Selfstudy Box with Handbook and DVD

Now everyone can relief pains of the most easy pain category: Regional pains. The selfstudy DVD explains the medical basic knowledge in 8 study hours, the handbook in English/German guides the manual treatment of the 21 most common regional pains:

•  Migraine with/without forerunner

•  Occipital Headache

•  Head & Neck Junction

•  Neck

•  Throat

•  Neck & Shoulder Junction

•  Anterior Thorax

•  Lateral Thoax

•  Abdomen

•  Back

•  Lower Back

•  Shoulder

•  Scapula

•  Shoulder joint

•  Elbow

•  Wrist

•  Hip Joint

•  Knee

•  Ankle

•  Heel

•  Toe

75% of regional pains get reliefed during the first therapy session. This has been the average therapy success rate measured in clinical studies. This success is grounded in the evidence based CMT methodology that precisely defines 3-D acupoints per regional pain to be stimulated. Usually the regional pain came along with an acute disease. The acute disease disappeared after 2-4 weeks but the regional pain still remains. A pain pharmacotherapy can release the pain temporarily but can’t relief the pain permanently because it treats the pain symptom instead of the pain source.

Since synthetic pharmacy isn’t a natural neurotransmitter, or messenger, the entire organism gets chemically sensitized or even intoxicated. Medical toxication has been the major cause for the appearance of chronic diseases. Consequently, the first step to avoid or heal any chronic disease must be to follow on the doctor’s rule learned in medicine studies: Avoid any usage of pain pharmacotherapy for longer than 2-4 weeks.

ENRAC® CMT has been recognized as the innovator of the worldfirst nature complient, evidence-normalized chronic medicine while focussing on pain relief. ENRAC® CMT is based on an autonomous evidence-based health system for chronic diseases: Vital Flow Balance. Its pain therapy has been clinically tested for non-invasive pain relief and deletion of pain memory since 1995. In 2002 Dr. Ko published his Theory of Collateral Meridian Therapy CMT. Since 2005 about 3,500 physicians of  ALL disciplines have been certified. ENRAC CMT represents one (1) methodolgy for all kind of pains and any intensity. It provides many unqiue benefits like „There is no pain that cannot be cured“, see



ENRAC® CMT International is the world’s largest network for non-invasive evidence-normalized therapy of pains and chronic diseases. Independant physicians of all disciplines apply the ENRAC® Collateral Meridian Therapy. Its creator Dr. Shan-Chi Ko was born in Taiwan, he studied Medical Doctor in Japan and TCM & Pharmacology in Shanghai. Throughout his career as physician he devoted himself to pursuit an effective pain treatment. In 2002 based on 7,500 clinical case studies Dr. Ko published his theory: By stimulating two acupoints most regional pains can be noticeably reduced almost immediately. www.ecmt.info

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