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Bio Dr. Ko

Dezember 31, 2007

Dr. Shan-Chi Ko

ist der weltweit bekannteste Schmerzforscher. Mit seiner 30-jährigen Erfahrung als med. Doktor entwickelte er  seit 1995 die erfolgreichste Methode zur dauerhaften Schmerzbefreiung: ENRAC CMT.

Dr. Ko treibt das Leiden der Menschheit an, oder anders ausgedrückt, ihn triebt das Streben nach Glück. Leiden ist nämlich die Wahrnehmung, dass das Glück im Leben fehlt.

Der primäre Erfolgsindikator ist ausschliesslich das subjektive Schmerzempfinden des Schmerzpatienten. In 2007 beträgt die durchschnittliche Anzahl von Behandlungssitzungen 5. 70% der Schmerzpatienten mit regionalen Schmerzen verlieren ihre Schmerzen und ihr Schmerz-Gedächtnis unverzüglich in der 1. Sitzung. Die Therapie wird von wirtschaftlich unabhängigen Ärzten angewendet, die die erforderliche Kompetenz in einem Symposium erworben haben.



Mission of Dr. Ko

There is no pain that cannot be cured.

Driven by the pain of human being we have been devoted to create luck in life of patients. Pain is the awareness that luck in life is missing.

We welcome practioners of all disciplines to provide any intractable pain case to be solved.

Vision of Dr. Ko

No intractable pain in the World.

Today’s linear medicine can only treat a disease after symptoms occurred. The future system-dynamic medicine is not in treating diseases but in understanding the cause of diseases.

We welcome practioners of all disciplines interested to get actively involved in our scientific case studies of international scale and interdisciplinary scope.

ENRAC® Collateral Meridian Therapy

Dezember 30, 2007

Since 1995 the ENRAC® Collateral Meridian Therapy has been clinically applied to treat intractable pain and degenerative symptoms of neurophysiological origin. Excellent results have been achieved on back pain, tumor pain, frozen shoulder, sports injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headache, diabetes, fibromyalgia, PHN and CRPS.

Methodology: ENRAC®CMT validated  that  pain originates from the blockage of vital flow. Blockage of vital flow can be reliably measured with a neurometer. Consequently pain can be released by making the blockage ineffective. The treatment has nothing in common with TCM or acupuncture. Pain  has to be treated on 12 collateral ‚treatment meridians‘ on arms and legs with 9 ENRAC acupoints each. The therapy, applied manually by finger, manually by acusticks or semi-automatic by eSystem, reliefs the pain and assists in correcting abnormalities within organs. Its methodology, immediate effects and sustainable results have been published in scientific papers and TV shows.

Therapy: ENRAC®CMT is breathtaking in its simplicity and profound in its impact. The Collateral Meridian Therapy determines the therapy process into ten logical steps ensuring quality assurance. After the diagnosis the physician defines a consice statement, the ENRAC CMT receipt, that determines the steps of the treatment.

Benefits: ENRAC®CMT provides unique benefits to physicians and patients:


1. Non-Invasive Double Acupoint Electro Therapy
  by applying ENRAC’s proven meridian bypass method
  à Scientifically validated in 7.500 clinical case studies
2. No Injection, No Medication, No Needle, No Touch
  and even no skin-pressure with the ENRAC®CMT eSystem
  à No patient fear, no adverse reaction, patent energizing 
3. Immediate Effect, Excellent Sustainable Results
  by treating intractable pains and degenerative symptoms
  à Thankful patients, broad word-of-mouth propaganda
4. Provide Pain Therapies On The Highest Quality Standards
  based on ENRAC therapy and 20.000+ pain patients by 2006
  à Therapy process according ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
5. Internationally Recognized Network of Pain Therapists
  with 3.500+ trained physicians worldwide since 2005
  à Get advise whenever you need it for curing a pain
6. Participate From High Demand For A Proven Pain Therapy
  without the infaust adverse reactions of almost all therapies
  à Generate unregulated earnings within your doctor’s office
7. Quick Win-Win
  by applying the fast to learn ENRAC®CMT therapy
  à Two-day practitioner conference, healtier patients

Medical Society: ENRAC®CMT establishes a national society that equips physicians with a therapy resource kit. The package includes intractable pain guidance, books for physicians, books for pain patients, papers, presentation material, case studies, success stories, testimonials, sentiments, notation, pain questionnaire, sets of acupoint sticks, semi-automated electrotherapy system, acupoint model, acupoint reference cards, receipt worksheet, quality assurance, workshop outlines, examination material, take-home case study, and a therapy manual of over 500 pain cases. The network provides the physicians with everything they need to master any pain case.

ENRAC®CMT International is the world’s largest network for non-invasive therapy of pain and chronic diseases. Independant physicians of all disciplines apply the ENRAC®Collateral Meridian Therapy. Its creator Dr. Shan-Chi Ko was born in Taiwan, he studied Medical Doctor in Japan and TCM & Pharmacology in Shanghai. Throughout his career as physician he devoted himself to pursuit an effective pain treatment. In 2002 based on 7,500 clinical case studies Dr. Ko published his theory: By stimulating two acupoints most regional pains can be noticeably reduced almost immediately.

Update: 1 Oct. 2008

Treatment Manual For Regional Pain

Dezember 28, 2007

Taipei Nov. 2007 – The innovator of ENRAC CMT releases the book ‘Collateral Meridian Therapy – Treatment Manual for Regional Pain’ with 2,800 colored illustrations on 888 pages. Its preface contains an autobiographic insight into his recent period of life. After thirty years of practice as physician and twelve years of clinical studies he shares his joy about the overwhelming international success of his non-invasive pain therapy.

As the innovator of ENRAC Collateral Meridian Medicine… I was overwhelmed with joy when the Taiwan Medical Association of Collateral Meridian Medicine was established on May 6, 2006. But I also knew that the road ahead is not without obstacles. Having practiced medicine for thirty years and clinical studies for twelve years I have always considered my greatest mission to be the relief of pain for my patients.

As the progress of ENRAC CMT steadily progresses, more and more physicians in different countries are in desperate need of learning it, always asking for more time to learn in my clinic or seminars. The fact that patients need to make appointments six months in advance and the endless number of physicians eager to learn ENRAC CMT have made me realize that I alone could never satisfy their needs, even of the cost of my personal time and sleep. In the past half year, I have strived to spend more time with my students and hold discussions with physicians around the world, hoping to equip more physicians with the expertise and knowledge to provide their patients with the best possible care. I heared this persistent voice in my mind telling me to write another book. Everyone I met incessantly made the same point.

During the 2007 World Federation of Athletic Trainers and Therapists WFATT Conference held in Tokyo I was invited to give a lecture to an audience of more than two hundred attendees. After the lecture Dr. Chih Shung Wong and I swarmed by audience members asking for my business card. Despite the fact that I did not have any business card with me they still followed me into the elevator offering me their business cards and inviting me to hold seminars at their organizations. Looking at these business cards I realized that they belonged to people from countries around the world. I have also been enthusiastically invited by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association NATA to demonstrate ENRAC CMT to its members at its annual conference. In the near future it is our firm belief that Collateral Meridian Therapy will become part of mainstream sports medicine in America. I heared this persistent voice in my mind urging me to write a textbook designed for athletic trainers around the world.

Thanks to efforts of Japanese Professor Sumio Hoka, several ENRAC CMT physicians and I were invited by the American Society of Anesthesiologists to present a clinical case on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS in Oct. 2007. We were asked to present a clinical case on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS allowing us the opportunity to introduce ENRAC CMT to American authorities in pain medicine. Meanwhile, due to diligent efforts by Dr. Huh and Dr. Lee, Collateral Meridian Therapy seminars will be held at Duke University Medical Center, with credits eligible to fulfill continuing medial education requirements. All physicians involved are excited about the news eager to offer me advise and assistance. This represents a great stride for the advancement of Oriental medicine in the Western world, and doctors in Japan and Taiwan all see this is a great achievement for their own country. Once again, I heared a voice urging me to write a new textbook.

Following the publication of the book ‘Pain-Free Revolution’ in 2003 I included new contents in the book and published a new edition titled ‘All Pain Can Be Healed’ in 2006. I have tried to explain ENRAC CMT to the world in layman’s terms but it seems that these two books are still beyond the comprehension of common readers who do not attend my seminars. Consequently, waves of readers from countries such as the United States, China, Great Britain, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil have written to me, asking me to publish a book written in a language that is easily understood. Some students have voiced their complaints over not understanding these books while others have thanked me for the pain relief they have obtained from reading these books. Eventually some readers actually became pupils but my schedule was too hectic to allow me to accept any more students. Therefore, under relentless encouragement from my students, I took on the task of writing this book.

Thanks to the assistance and collaborative efforts from many students we have finally completed this basic book on ENRAC CMT. As I have frequently said, the most elementary subjects are often the most difficult. Physicians who have learned ENRAC CMT would certainly agree that the subjects covered in this book are the most basic, and yet most practical. It is our sincere hope that this book will prove to be a most useful reference for students of ENRAC CMT, endowing more physicians with the knowledge to benefit more patients!

Shan-Chi Ko, M.D.
ENRAC CMT International

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