Studies at CRPS

Case Studies of Complex Pain Syndroms:

1. CRPS Study presented at ASA Annual Meeting 14.10.2007



2. Testimonial of a CRPS patient, North Carolina, USA

„The first treatment was in my right hand, and from that treatment, I started to feel this lightening of my foot, instead of that heaviness with all the extreme pain; it was starting to leave my right foot. And then they started to work very heavily on my left hand, and that’s when my left foot, which is the worst, started to feel also the same feeling of just … I felt alive again. I felt my blood flowing. I just could feel it through my whole body. It wasn’t just in my foot but I felt like my whole body was functioning the way it should be functioning again. And the severe pain was gone. It was gone in my right foot, and it was probably at a „2“ that day in my left. So, it was incredible.


3. Scan of another CRPS patient


Three-phase bone scan before (left) and after (right) CMT Treatment[1]

[1] Wong CS, Kuo CP, Fan YM, Ko SC. Collateral Meridian Therapy Dramatically Attenuates Pain and Improves Functional Activity of a Patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Anesthesia & Analgesia 2007;104:452

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