Testimonial at CRPS


Margaret from Nottingham, UK


First ENRAC CMT Patient in Europe


Testimonal at CRPS


In July 2007 I had a crush injury to my hand where my 3rd 4th and 5th metacarpals were fractured. My hand was put in a series of casts over the first four weeks. The pain was unbearable. I was then diagnosed with CRPS and I was given a thermoplastic cast which could be removed for physiotherapy.


I had intensive physiotherapy, 5 weeks of acupuncture, gentle massage on my hand (which  de-sensitised the burning feeling in the skin) and Alexander Technique. All of the above helped me to keep my hand and arm moving. However, the pain was now excruciating in my whole arm. In November 2007 I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder. This impeded the movement I knew was very important for my CRPS. I was prescribed very strong pain killers and anti-depressants. I declined the strong pain killers and anti-depressants but sometimes when I could not bear it, I would take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for short periods.


I was in a terrifying condition. It felt as though my limb was full of congealing glue that would seize up if I stopped moving for one moment. I scanned the Internet for anything that might help. I came across ENRAC Collateral Meridian Therapy in early Dec. 2007. I immediately contacted ENRAC and was heartened by the personal way I was treated by the representative. I also felt relieved talking to someone who knew about CRPS and who believed that it could be cured.


I had been sure that I would have to live the rest of my life with the pain and was willing to try anything. A friend sponsored me to make the trip to Taiwan to have treatment. I went in the middle of February 2008. When I arrived I was warmly greeted by everyone at Enrac and after a detailed assessment, I was given my first pain treatment.

I had been hopeful, but did not imagine for one minute that the pain relief would be so instant. The deep pain in my elbow, which had felt like a knife being pushed through it, was instantly gone and some of the pain in my shoulder. I was able to move my arm more freely, although it was still tight, but the pain had subsided. Now I felt discomfort rather than pain. That night I slept through for the first time in 7 months. Over the following two weeks I had six more treatments. After each treatment I was able to apply more pressure on my fingers to separate them and get them moving. It is difficult to put into words the emotions that arise when a healing of this nature takes place.

When I returned to England I had a very emotional reunion with my friend. She burst into tears as soon as she saw me. She said it was so wonderful that the pain had gone out of my eyes and my face. My hand specialist, physiotherapist, and all the people who were treating me were amazed at the progress of my hand in just three short weeks. ENRAC CMT brought me back into the real life where I could do normal movements to promote circulation in my hand and do the exercises to keep it moving and begin the rehabilitation process. I was now able to move my hand and arm in ways that I could not after the accident. I was also able to sleep through the night (which I had been unable to do for 7 months) and when I woke up, I could begin to try and stretch. Thank you! thank you! thank you! to Dr Shan-Chi Ko who spent so many years searching for a way to relieve pain, to Dr Wang, Dr Chen and all at ENRAC.

I was told by Dr Ko in Taiwan that I would need 9 months of daily treatment. I believed that to be true, as I now know how strong the CRPS was in my hand. I was unable to spend nine months in Taiwan and was very frustrated that there were no Enrac CMT practitioners anywhere in Europe. As a result I have spent the better part of a year undergoing many, many other therapies very intensively. Although I now have the CRPS under control, I know that without the ENRAC CMT I received, the excruciating pain would have prevented me from moving and using my hand. Before my treatment with CMT, most days were spent trying to protect it from being touched, as even a light touch felt like my hand was on fire. To be in constant pain is very lonely and psychologically so damaging. It may be difficult to believe that pain can be removed simply by rechanneling it down another meridian. But I can whole-heartedly testify to the instant relief. I recommend this treatment to anyone suffering debilitating pain.

When I watched the ENRAC CMT Educational DVD I was impressed with its simplicity. What Dr Ko has managed to do is to explain in uncomplicated terms all about the meridians and the process of ENRAC CMT. Actually it seems so simple and logical that we may forget the years of dedication and research he undertook to develop this treatment. We should also remember that in Dr. Ko’s quest for pain relief, he was not content just to mask his patients’ pain with medication, he was actually seeking to cure them.

We in Europe are fortunate that ENRAC CMT has released a Self Study DVD for regional pain. Now we can use the therapy ourselves at home. One of the side effects of constant pain is that it is difficult to maintain control of everyday life. With this self study DVD people will be able to take control of their recovery, which is very important in rebuilding confidence during and after an illness. I hope that ENRAC CMT will be used all over the world and help millions of people in the way that it helped me.


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